How history, tax policies and gentrification play into wealth inequity.

How a rural town transformed a juvenile facility into a safe space for teens.

Scientists in Idaho are finding that wildfire smoke dampens milk production and coincides with increased risk of disease and even death in dairy cows.

Cows are grazing surrounded by thick smoke from wildfires near Oregon City, Oregon September 12, 2020. Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

Six of Zach Rose’s cows at Rogue Creamery in southern Oregon came down with pneumonia shortly after a bad fire season in 2018, and he thinks the smoke was to blame. “You can see a lot of respiratory issues if they inhale a lot of smoke,” said Rose, the organic…

Indigenous spiritual leaders say the Vatican’s observatory is searching for something it doesn’t understand.

Tribal scientists and community members are testing wells, solving plumbing problems and delivering clean water to their neighbors.

Emery Three Irons at his family home along the Little Bighorn River. Brandon Yadegari Moreno/High Country News

Emery Three Irons, a Crow tribal member, stood in tall, lush grass one day in late May, contemplating a cream-colored house. After 20 minutes of reflection, he approached two 5-year-olds standing on the front steps, eating popsicles and playing with a puppy. “Is your grandpa awake?” he asked them, his…

How the genetic code of flora helped catch timber thieves.

A bigleaf maple tree in Capitol Forest near Olympia, Washington. Tree poachers have scraped bark from its surface to reveal the quilted figure they covet, leading investigators to suspect it might have been the poachers’ next target. Courtesy Anne Minden

Poachers began to target bigleaf maple trees in the Pacific Northwest in the early 2000s for the beautiful three-dimensional patterns found in some specimens’ grain. In Washington’s Gifford Pinchot National Forest, thieves often felled trees in the middle of the night and covered their stumps with moss to hide the…

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